Mirinae has consistently set the pace for innovation in networked games. And Korea's game networks are among the most advanced in the world. So it's no surprise that Mirinae's games are world class, too. Mirinae pioneered and advanced MMORPG Internet services that were the first to offer multimedia, multiplayer games and media-rich messaging between players. Mirinae has fostered a vibrant game content ecosystem that generates Guild Wars and Party as well as single RPG with built-in Kingdom System. Don't miss this exclusive look at one of the most innovative game networks in the world.

Develop Character Based on Player's Ability Using Invention System

KHAN offers advanced 3D Graphics coupled with invention system for character development and over a thousand items and newest monster characters. Each user's can develop up to 8 distinct character (currently supports 3) for playing on different fields and user options. Develop strong and adaptable characters based on the user's ability. (Knight, Assassins) Display sorcerer's magic based on character development by the user. (Monk, Micko) Defend with magic which can be orchestrated by the user's ability and to use spiritual guide of the character. (Necromancer) Physical strength and strength of defense will set the stage for your characters like the sorcerer. (Sorcerer, Wizard) Character growing system which can emboss quality and reasoning being caused by each user promises to compose game that is more deep and meaningful experience. Develop/grow up to 8 different characters to use freely Character development based on user's growth system utilizing thousands items at disposal Character development by profession and duties interchangeable options

Develop Scenarios with Other Players and Foretell Your Own Story

Khan scenario revolves around 8 episodes using 23 map locations of the pre Genghis Khan era where it starts with Absolute Monarchy Gajser invades the earthly paradise. Khan players are mutually gather strength and power to support their goals in the world of Khan. Player's dispositions and updating of their quests determines their feat and outcome.