Throughout human history, world was divided into many fragments of kingdoms, states, and empires. There were many great conquers who challenged to conquer them all but never there was an empire that covered whole continent. All the conquerors, their expedition and their empire had to face unstoppable force of time and destiny. However, nobody comes close to Genghis Khan who nearly conquered one end of continent to the other end and built the largest empire ever. Year 1206, Genghis Khan, meaning, "Universal Ruler", unified disparate Mongol tribes into one and became their leader. Continuing this momentum, Territory of Mongol Empire extended from Hungary to jungles of Vietnam and frozen land of Siberia to high mountains of Tibet.

To complete insatiable and brute conquest, Genghis Khan's fearsome military force only needed small European kingdom. Yet, it was too much even for the greatest military force to conquer the destiny, time and vast continent. The tide of history turned around and the largest empire of human history never completely dominated the world.

Year 1225, right before seeing the other end of European continent, Genghis Khan turned around and went back to the heart of Mongol Empire. The Mongol army became the most disciplined, experienced, and feared force the world had yet to see.

The epic based online game Khan takes on where Genghis Khan reached the end of his expedition. The game takes place at small kingdom of Eurasia where Genghis Khan's brutal force was never able to conquer. You will re-visit the history and prepare the battles against the greatest conquer of history.

Get immersed into ultimate conquest with Khan.